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Build a Skin on Frame Kayak

Build a Skin on Frame Kayak

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Only 2 kayak builds at a time in the space

10 Days, 8-10 hours per day depending on experience

Build a skin on frame kayak with James Manke at Manke at the Wreckage in Ucluelet BC! This unique experience allows you to create a kayak that’s built for You and allows you to experience a deeper connection with your craft.

We use western red and yellow cedar to build our kayaks. All your wood will be pre-milled for you prior to the start of your workshop. The entire build process we will focus on using hand tools and traditional methods.

We have a few different designs we offer in our building course. Please inquire if you have further interest. We specialize in rolling kayaks.

Day 1 to 5 

Building Kayak Frame

8 hour per day 

  • Shaping Gunwales
  • Deck Beams, Mortise & Tenon
  • Steam Bending Ribs
  • Setting Keel and Stringers
  • Stem Boards
  • Steam Bending Cockpit Coaming                                    

Day 5 to 10

Skinning and Finishing

8 hour per day 

  • Sew Skin on Kayak 
  • Sew on Cockpit
  • Colour and Iron Skin
  • Polyurethane Kayak
  • Install Deck Lines & Keel Strip

Split The Workshop

You have the option to spit this workshop into 2 trips over the winter. The first 5 days you build the frame. We then hang your frame and you come back to skin and finish your kayak at a further date in the winter over an additional 5 days. This opens the opportunity for those who prefer to take half the course and build just a frame to hang as art or skin at a later date.

Accommodations & Meals

For those who require accommodation to take this workshop there are a range of options available in the Ucluelet area where you will be building your kayak. Any option in the downtown Ucluelet area will be close to the venue where we are building kayaks.

You are responsible for all your meals. Bring your lunch and it can be enjoyed at the Wreckage where you are building your kayak. Ucluelet has a few options during the winter months for those who prefer to eat out. There is also a local grocery store with plenty of options.    

Building in Pairs

If you prefer to build your kayak with a friend or partner, we allow an additional partner to join your course at no additional fee. This can often speed up the process taking less than the regular 10 days to complete a kayak depending on the speed of the pair working together.                

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