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SK1S - Hook Knife in Leather Sheath

SK1S - Hook Knife in Leather Sheath

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  • Total length - 155 mm (6.10 inches)
  • Rounding diameter - 25 mm (1 inch)
  • Handle length - 105 mm (4.13 inches)
  • Sheath material – Cowhide leather
BeaverCraft offers you an exclusive leather sheath for the hook knife. Don’t be afraid to get cut while pulling the knife out of the box because your bowl carving hooked carving knife has a carving knife sheath. Moreover, the blade knife sheath helps you to keep your knife with hook safe for a long time because it was made from the real leather. You can be absolutely sure that you buy the best kuksa carving tools with the knife sheath because BeaverCraft stands by the quality of the carving knife sheath because we manufacture all our wood carving tools on our own. Shop today! SK1S is an essential tool if you are passionate about spoon carving because by ordering it you get a hook knife with a hook knife sheath, stylish and made of genuine leather. This small spoon whittling tool will make anybody feel good about themselves as they carve any concave shaped project they desire. Its sharp blade will be of great use while you carve and the genuine leather sheath will prevent your blade from dulling out faster, getting damaged with surrounding factors and will let you avoid injuries after using the tool by covering the sharp bevel.

Hooked Knife Materials

Everything that gets created by BeaverCraft here in Ukraine, which is the biggest country in Europe, aims to achieve the famous European quality in everything, including wood carving tools, is made out of only the most optimal materials there are for toolmaking. The handle, or shaft, of this hooked knife is made of light wood  and the most ergonomic shape for carving that won’t exhaust your hands quickly and would allow you to work on your projects longer. It’s finished with natural oil to prevent cracking of the handle and preserve it longer.  The blade, or razor, of this SK1S spoon carving knife is made with high carbon steel which holds the edge and cuts wood easily, much better than other options like stainless steel, for example. It’s easy to strop or sharpen and the effect will last longer so you won’t have to worry or get bored with the routine anymore. Of course, you still need to strop the tool if you want it to serve you better and longer.

Hook Knife Sheath

The leather sheath which has a small button for you to keep it closed firmer is made of genuine cowhide leather. It has a place to put the blade in and kind of hook it there so it doesn’t come out easily. This way the tool will be 100% protected by the leather and it won’t slip out of it occasionally. The dark brown cowhide leather will keep your tool safe and decorate your workbench, toolbag or worktable.

How to use a hook knife

Hook knives are a great tool to use if you are up to carving some kitchen utensils like cups, spoons or bowls. It’s also a very practical instrument for any concave shape that you want to decorate your carving with. So it creates scoops of wood that you want to remove. With it you’ll comfortably create the needed thickness and shape of a spoon ladle, bowl plate or a cup. More information about how to use a hook knife you can find in our YouTube tutorials.

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