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Intro to Rough Water Rolling (Spring 2024)

Intro to Rough Water Rolling (Spring 2024)

Skill Level: Intermediate
Number of Students: 4 Students MAX
Course Length: 4 Hours

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This course is designed to help those who have a current roll however struggle putting it together in rough or moving water. Many of us spend hours practicing our kayak rolls in flat water to develop solid muscle memory however it all seems to fall apart in a more dynamic environment. 

Your instructor, James Manke, works first on reinstilling the physics of the roll and the group progressively moves from flat to rough water throughout the course. Each discipline throughout the course will include building blocks and tools to help you progress as a rough water paddler.

This course is located in Ucluelet, BC with our put in at Little Beach which is generally sheltered from the winter storms creating the perfect venue. 

What we will cover in the Workshop

  • The foundations of kayak rolling 1 hour evening rolling theory lecture
  • 1.5 hour Inwater roll tuneup training exercises
  • 2.5 hour Coastal rolling and rescues


  • Must have a current roll
  • Have experience practicing self rescues
  • Must bring a helmet and coast guard required safety equipment
  • Bring a spare paddle

What To Bring On This Course

Helmet & coast guard required safety gear

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