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NANAIMO PADDLERS - Refine or Learn to Roll a Sea Kayak

NANAIMO PADDLERS - Refine or Learn to Roll a Sea Kayak

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Number of Students: 6 Students Max
Course Length: 4 Hours

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Learning to roll a kayak is one of the most rewarding experiences as a kayaker. The ultimate goal is to have a consistent roll that requires little effort and is done with ease! James Manke will guide you through the physics of rolling a kayak. Learn a reliable lay back sweep roll, likely one of the most common sea kayak rolls. The first hour will be spent on-land discussing the physics of rolling followed by a demo and a couple of hours in the water working in pairs. By pairing up this allows each student to get a chance to also learn how to teach which is a great way to retain information!

6 Students Max.

What To Bring On This Course

It is recommended that students bring their own kayak, full kit and paddle however a kayak and gear can be provided at an additional cost if requested in advance.

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