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Nanaimo Paddlers Greenland Kayaking Workshop

Nanaimo Paddlers Greenland Kayaking Workshop

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Number of Students: 8 Students MAX
Course Length: 7 Hours

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During the morning of this workshop you will learn the difference between Greenland and Euro paddles. We will break down everything from sizing a paddle to how to hold it correctly. Learn ways to get more power out of your blade and find consistency so you can keep up with the group.  We will work on a proficient forward stroke with your Greenland paddle along with a number of blended strokes that will help you learn to become one with your kayak.

The afternoon will be spent with an introduction to Greenland rolling. This is perfect for those learning to roll or refresh what they have learned in the past from James. We will start with a physics breakdown on land followed by a demonstration from James. We then work in partners for the rest of the afternoon working on rolling progression. You will leave with lots of tips and tools to continue practising throughout your kayak season.

What To Bring On This Course

Bring all your paddle gear you would typically go on a paddle with. Immersion gear like a drysuit or wetsuit will be needed in the afternoon for rolling.

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