West Greenland by Trevor Russell

This West Greenland kayak was created for Monica Russell by husband Trevor Russell. Both Monica and Trevor are active members of the Comox Valley paddlers and have inspired many new paddlers over the years. Monica is exceptionally good at rolling a kayak and has taught at numerous Greenland inspired events including Ontario Greenland Camp with International instructors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson.

Countries we are travelling to

FRANCE - April 2024

CKmer Symposium - Sold Out, Registration Closed

GERMANY - April 2024

Information coming soon for this event

ITALY - May 2024

Information coming soon for this event


Registration through How We Roll

CANADA - July 2024

2024 Ukee Greenland Weekend symposium. Registration now open.

DENMARK - August 2024

Lejre Havkajak Symposium/ Lejre Seakayak Symposium

SWEDEN - August 2024

This country is currently pending

JAPAN - October 2024

GUTS Japan, Registration Now