Steamer Trunk

This steamer trunk belonged to Garry Morgan, AKA Boomer! Garry was the father of James Manke partner, Kim Morgan. Kim grew up in a house with a rock very much like you see here in this building. The trunk was often used to hide Christmas presents. Garry passed away in 2019 and this trunk represents a place for Garry in Manke at the Wreckage.

Countries we are travelling to

FRANCE - April 2024

CKmer Symposium - Sold Out, Registration Closed

GERMANY - April 2024

Information coming soon for this event

ITALY - May 2024

Information coming soon for this event


Registration through How We Roll

CANADA - July 2024

2024 Ukee Greenland Weekend symposium. Registration now open.

DENMARK - August 2024

Lejre Havkajak Symposium/ Lejre Seakayak Symposium

SWEDEN - August 2024

This country is currently pending

JAPAN - October 2024

GUTS Japan, Registration Now