Manke Rolling Kayak

Manke Rolling Kayak

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Have a customized Greenland rolling kayak designed specific for you! James Manke builds only a hand full of these unique crafts per season. Manke Kayaks are fully constructed, using yellow and red cedar from our local area. Our rolling kayaks are very low volume making them perfect for competition rolls. 

The original version comes wrapped in black ballistic nylon coated with poly urethane. If you prefer colour, we offer a number of options in marine based poly urethane which will have a slightly different finish that the original. There is a $300 CAD fee for custom colour if you do not want black or white.

Depending on current orders, kayaks can be fully built and shipped within 30 days of purchase. If crate shipping is required, we can arrange this and build the crate to fit your kayak. Fees for building and shipping the crate can vary depending on size and weight.

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  • Manke at the Wreckage

    This community based space is dedicated to historic kayaks, kayak builds and will act a museum for the kayak community, local community and tourists who come to the area. If you have older retired skin on frame kayaks or artifacts you would like to donate this space, please contact us direct. We will esure they are properly showcased and appreciated!

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  • Donate Hand Tools (new, used or retired)

    - Block Planes
    - Draw Knives
    - Spokeshaves
    - Hand Saws
    - Chisels
    - Clamps
    - Drill Bits

    - Eye protection

    - Misc Wood Tools

  • Donate Shop Materials (new, used or retired)

    - Heavy Duty Shop Bench

    - Saw Horses

    - Assorted Lumber (Wester red or yellow preferred)
    - Kayak books and kayak magazines to inspire
    - Shop Aprons