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HK2 Bushcraft knife

HK2 Bushcraft knife

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HK2  is a versatile medium-size bushcraft knife designed for fishing, hiking, working in the garden, or just cutting food during a picnic.

Bushcraft knives are truly versatile tools. They are often used for hunting and fishing due to their sharp fixed blades and easy-to-grip handles. The blades can also be used for preparing food, as well as for carving wood and making tinderboxes. They make building shelters or creating tools from fallen tree branches even easier.

Although bushcraft knives have been around for centuries, modern design has enabled them to become more advanced, allowing people to take on more complex tasks like cutting through durable natural materials such as vines and rope.

Bushcraft knives truly give their users the ultimate embodiment of wilderness preparation so you can confidently face any backcountry challenges.

Knife Design

HK2 Bushcraft knife has an eye-catching design with false edge, grooves for the fingers, and a ribbed surface, making the knife look aggressive and original. 

Blade Shape

The blade shape of a bushcraft knife is crucial as it will determine what kind of uses it can be put to. Bushcraft blades are straight-edged throughout the length of the blade, with a slight curve at the tip. This design makes them ideal for cutting various materials such as wood, hides, and fabrics. It is also adept at various performing tasks during hunting, as well as carving tools and making clothing from sturdy materials such as leather.
Bushcraft knife HK2 has a unique blade shape for more comfortable and precise work with meat or fish. With its all-around design, the HK2 bushcraft knife can be an invaluable companion when out in the wild.

Blade Material

The Scandi grind is a popular bushcraft knife sharpening technique that makes it significantly easier to work with wood of any hardness level. The best attribute of this type of grind is its stability in extreme temperatures. Whether you use your knife in a hot environment or on chilly winter days, the Scandi grind will ensure the blade can be relied upon to stay sharp and cut true.

HK2 CSH – The blade is made of 1066 carbon steel, hardened to 57-59 HRC. Carbon steel blades offer durability and strength that many knife owners demand expect in bushcraft knives. Carbon steel increases the blade performance even further by mixing ingredients such as carbon, manganese, and silicon. The result is a blade that keeps an edge well but can be sharpened easily with proper maintenance. An added bonus of carbon steel is its non-staining properties. This makes it much easier to clean and maintain than other blade materials. Remember that blade of the camping knife HK2 CSH should be washed well and wiped dry after use. This will protect your knife from corrosion.

HK2 SSH – The blade is made of stainless steel 5Cr14MoV, hardened to 56-58 HRC. Stainless steel is a popular material for camping knife blades due to its corrosion-resistant properties, making it ideal for use in wet or humid environments.


The handle of the knife is made of walnut wood, covered with Danish oil, making this camping knife not to be afraid of moisture and dirt. The handle is fixed with Corby bolts so it can be easily unscrewed to clean the knife.


HK2 comes with a genuine leather sheath that allows you to conveniently carry the knife on a belt or in a backpack/purse. This camping knife has a full tang design, making it a sturdy and reliable companion in the field and the wild.


total length – 260 mm (10,23 inches)
blade length – 130 mm (5,11 inches)
blade thickness – 2,9 mm (0,1 inches)
handle length – 130 mm 5,11 inches)
weight without sheath:
HK2 CSH – 180 grams (6,3 oz)
HK2 SSH – 170 grams (6 oz)
weight with sheath – 260 grams (9,1 oz)

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