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BK06 Camping knife

BK06 Camping knife

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Are you ready for your next camping adventure? The BK06 Camping Knife is the perfect companion for your camping trips. It’s lightweight, durable and designed to get you through whatever activities you come across on your journey.

From chopping food and branches to splitting wood to start a fire — this knife will make things easier than ever before! 

Whether planning a solo hike or going with friends, this all-purpose knife will help make camp work a breeze. Its stainless steel blade ensures strength, while its ergonomic handle gives it an intuitive feel in hand. Everything about it screams high quality and performance – so there won’t be any regrets after buying one! 

Get the medium-sized all-purpose BK06 knife now and experience camping like never before!

Benefits of a camping knife

A camping knife is a must-have tool while experiencing the outdoors. This versatile piece of equipment can fulfill various practical functions during your outdoor adventure. It’s excellent as a multi-purpose tool, cutting, slicing, whittling, and carving all kinds of materials with ease. 

You may also need a camping knife like BK060 to prepare food or skin animals to provide sustenance on your journey. A camping knife is also helpful for emergency situations such as fashioning makeshift shelters or opening up tins of food. No matter the task at hand, investing in a quality camping knife could prove invaluable when trekking out into nature.


A walnut wood handle coated with Danish oil makes this tourist knife moisture- and dirt-resistant. The knife handle’s rounder shape prevents hand fatigue even after prolonged use.


The BK06 camping knife comes complete with a leather sheath with free suspension.

Grind type

Working with wood at different temperatures and hardness is made easy with Scandinavian grind.

BK06 SSH with a stainless steel blade

The benefits of stainless steel blades are numerous and well-known. This popular metal alloy offers many advantages, such as a high heat tolerance and superb hardness that stands up to numerous corrosive materials. 

Camping knives with stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and can be easily sharpened multiple times, making them an ideal choice for knife blades that need to stay sharp and durable in the face of regular use. 

Not only is stainless steel easy to care for and maintain, but it is also incredibly affordable in comparison to other blade materials. For these reasons, a blade made of stainless steel 5Cr14MoV, hardened at 56-58 HRC is an excellent option that won’t break the bank.

BK06 CSH with a carbon steel blade

Whether you opt for a forged carbon steel knife or a stock removal one, you will reap its many rewards. Carbon steel blades are sharper than stainless steel and more resilient to corrosion. This makes them ideal for tasks that repeatedly cut through most materials. 

Carbon steel blade 1066, hardened at 56-58 HRC used in BK06 camping knife makes less mess when being sharpened compared to other materials, due to their harder nature. And with proper care, it’s possible to maintain the edge of your carbon steel knife for years and enjoy its precise cutting.

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