Zoom Consultations

An excellent way to quickly receive expert rolling or paddling advice, regardless of your location. Have videos of yourself rolling or paddling reviewed by James Manke. During your consultation, James can provide detailed information while going over your video. James will explain the physics leaving you feeling stoked with tips and tricks on how to improve your kayaking skills!

Individual Online Zoom Consultation

1 Hour Consultation with James Manke through live streaming videoOptional video review if sent before sessionFast feedback! Have your questions answeredA more personable way to connectQuick tips and tricks to help you progress directly after your zoom session

$85 CAD per hour / person

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Popular Topics of Discussion

- Kayak outfitting for surf and rolling
- Kayak rolling physics and complete breakdown
- Greenland paddle and blended strokes
- How to get more power out of your Greenland paddle
- Sea kayak surfing with a Greenland paddle
- Tips and techniques on all 35 Greenland rolls
- Refined technique on layback and forward rolls
- Greenland Qajaq History

Club or Group Zoom Consultations

1 Hour Consultation with James Manke through live streaming video Live Questions and Answers Presentations on the Grand Canyon, The National Greenland Kayaking Championships and Rough water paddling from fear to passion. Guest speaker for your club or group event $250 CAD per hour Zoom Video James Manke as a Guest Speaker Looking for a guest speaker? This consultation is for 2 or more people who would like James to speak on a particular topic, or simply open up to questions and answers on the big screen to help enlighten your groups perspective.

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