Vargas Island Greenland Camp (Late Spring 2024)

Vargas Island Greenland Camp (Late Spring 2024)

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Number of Students: 8 Students Max
Course Length: 3 Days, 2 Nights (12 hours of instruction total)

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This specialty 3 day, 2 night workshop combines kayak rolling and Greenland paddle techniques... then take it to the surf! Join instructors James Manke and Lukas Booy. 

Instructional based, Overnight camping on Vargas Island

What we will cover in the workshop;

Day 1 (4 hours instruction)

  • Paddle to Vargas Island early morning from Tofino, BC.
  • Greenland Paddle Strokes
  • Kayak Rolling Foundations evening lecture 

Day 2 (6 hours instruction)

  • Kayak Rolling Foundations
  • Kayak Surfing Foundations  
  • Optional Tune up your kayak rolls 

Day 3 

  • Coastal Paddle around Vargas Island
  • Return to Tofino mid-afternoon

What To Bring On This Course

- Sea Kayak
- Greenland Paddle
- Spare Paddle
- Spray Deck
- Drysuit or Wetsuit
- Helmet
- Camping Gear
- Food for three days

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